Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrate 2013 !!!

Wishing one and all a 
and Enchanting New Year. 

And may 2013 bring Peace and Prosperity to you always! 

Magically, Walt

Contest #10 - Win FREE NEW YEAR Tickets this Weekend!

Here’s Contest #10 – Celebrate the New Year!

Win 2 FREE Tickets to the show this weekend! I’ll be awarding TWO pairs of tickets for each evening. Just the thing to chase the post-holiday blues!

Trivia Question…
“What year was the first edition of H. G. Wells novel ‘The Time Machine’ published?”

Please do not post your answers! Message or Email me.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Special Guests Artists “Appear” at the Parlor With New Wonders!

There will be a VERY Special show the first weekend of January.

I’ve invited back my original Parlor colleagues from our 2009 “Eccentrics of the Barbary Coast” Edition to present 3 two-entertainer performances! All new magic…  all new tales.

If you’ve seen my show, treat yourself and visit the Parlor on January 3 / 4 / 5 to see something entirely new and fresh.

My thanks to David Miller (Paradox Magic) and Brian Scott (Brian Scott Productions) for agreeing to be my first GUEST ARTISTS!!!

I’ll be back in the San Francisco Magic Parlor the 2nd week of January… and see all my loyal fans then, so Happy New Year—

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Parlor’s Fantastic Weekend… see you soon too!

Wow (again!) It gets better and better, 2012 is ending with a **Bang**
Last night…. Second sold-out show of the week (we had to turn away 6 guests, that was sad) tonight… only a few seats left.

The journalist/reviewer was smiling… hope that’s a good portent. And… hearty thanks to all my Parlor Partners and friends who attended to support me last evening, and all the new friends I made!

Happy New Year, and a prosperous, peaceful, and magical 2013 to you all…

Magically, Walt

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Contest #9 – Okay …(drum roll)… here’s the answer!

I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday weekend celebrating in your own special tradition!

This week’s question must have been tougher than I thought, only one winner, and few entries.

The Trivia Question was…

“Anton LaVey is widely know as ‘the father of modern satanism’ he held his Sabbath Rituals on a site at California Street and 23rd Avenue… what was it called and when was it demolished?”

The Answer is…

LaVey’s mansion was called The Black House, and although LaVey died in 1997 the house was not demolished until 2001, quite mundane condos now occupy the spot on quiet California Street.

Visit the Parlor and learn the whole dark truth behind his legendary Sorcerer!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Tickets are the Perfect Gift!

Oh NO!

Can’t find the right Holiday GIFT for your Aunt Minnie?

Running out of ideas and time?

What do you get your boss, your best friend?

Well the answer is something UNIQUE like a pair of tickets to the San Francisco Magic Parlor… we’ll give them a holiday card with YOUR greeting and  message when they arrive at the Parlor!

Do it now and help Santa out…