Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Parlor Guests! …Hands Across the Sea

This week I hosted Parlor guests from England. They began a conversation with two guests seated next to them.

One of those young ladies was just about to move to England to study at St. Mary’s college. My British guests happened to live a few blocks away from there.

The bond was immediate …that’s the sort of Magic that often happens with our Parlor guests… real Magic!

Have you visited our theatre yet to see what kind of surprises the San Francisco Magic Parlor show unveils for you?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Place for Celebration -- Our San Francisco Magic Show in the Chancellor Hotel Theatre!

The photo below is of our Parlor show guest Cathy! She was with the ladies in her family …all in tiaras and finery… celebrating her 80th birthday (the whole family looks a decade younger than their actual ages!)

So far… we’ve hosted:  

  • “Sweet 16” Birthday parties,
  • Birthdays for many ages,
  • Wedding anniversaries,
  • Marriage engagements,
  • Baby showers,
  • Corporate and private celebrations!  

What better way to socialize with friends and family than seeing a magic show and hearing about our City?

We feel so privileged to have special guests choose our theatre for their special events… sometimes if we know in advance there’s even a little Parlor surprise in store for our guests.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Special 4th Holiday…

A Happy and Joyous 4th of July to all my San Francisco Magic Parlor Fans!

If you’re free this Saturday Night we’d like to Celebrate by offering a few FREE seats to our magic theatre!

Email us and I’ll pick winners out of Uncle Sam’s tall hat…